We are motivated by the fun, innovation and learning. We revitalize our creativity with startegy and harmony to create a digital ecosystem.


The Venezuelan Lovemark

We know that taking a classic love story and doing it justice is no easy task. What did we do? We took that love and amplified it with an online community of Ovolovers. This is how we found the next chapter of this never-ending story.

All for one!

Evolution gives us purpose. Every day we strive for efficiency in our process, telling stories, and achieving objectives. In this case, our challenge was to simplify the functionalities and services of Sodexo for the entire LatAm market... all in one App

The road like never before

Connection moves us together towards one goal. Today, data becomes our best ally to focus on going beyond. With WIzeo, we connect, monitor, and optimize fleets from one single too reducing costs and rising productivity.


Respect and collaboration are the base of the relationship with our clients (#LikeFamily)

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The year is 2001, the DMs were the text messages and the Apps were rigntones. In the last 20 years technology has advanced, the world is different, and we certainly changed. Recognizing our DNA allows us to visualize objectives, manage trends and tell the difference when they it's time to hop on or get out.

Our experts look for the perfect balance between strategic planning, creative concepts, and technology to stand the test of time.

Hi I'm Oxy!

You can count on me for anything. From knowing the latest trends, to becoming our client and having fun with our team

Ceo Engels Perez

Engels Perez
CEO & Founder

Alfredo Pardo

Alfredo Pardo
Country Manager

Jorge Briceño

Jorge Briceño
Director of New Businesses